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Becoming an emotionally fit woman is a lifestyle upgrade. It revamps your interactions with yourself and others, shifting the dynamics in your favor. Your new normal will be stress free and bursting with fresh energy.

Savvy Thinking

Be aware of your thoughts, your emotions will instantly mirror them.

20/20 Perception

Make accurate and swift assessments of situations and other peoples motives.

Update Your Assumptions

Examine and reject hand-me-down beliefs that are harmful to you.

Hard Decisions Made Easy

Decisions based on facts can’t change erratically with your moods.

Stop Reacting to Others

When others can’t taunt you, they quickly become uncomfortable.

Learn and Don’t Look Back

No good comes from reliving past mistakes and bad experiences.

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Class meets weekly for two (2) hours over six (6) consecutive weeks.

Cost: $600

★ Necessary for course completion: A sense of humor and writing materials.
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Debra Weber comes from a 20-year clinical practice as a licensed psychotherapist with multiple specialty certifications in the treatment of trauma and abuse. She has volunteered her services to cancer victims, chronic pain sufferers, hospice workers, high risk teenagers, emergency responders, rescue crews, and veterans. Deb has raised two children, and is affectionately called “Gramma Butter” by her three grandchildren. She resides in northern Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior where she enjoys family time, cooking, gardening, physical labor, woodworking, reading, and laughing out loud.
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“Deb and these skills are amazing! Now I’m living a life I never imagined could be possible.”

Natalie K., RN

“This course is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! Now my family can’t take advantage of me anymore and I’m immune to their guilt trips. I wish Deb could be my neighbor she’s so incredible.”

Linda H.

“Deb saved my sanity and finances while I was going through a horrible divorce. Now I use the skills she taught me every day and I love my new independent life.”

Dr. Jody A., DVM
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Debra Weber, MSE
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